BackImplant Restoration

Missing teeth can have a harmful effect on your facial structure as it can put a visible mark on your smile. Gaps between teeth also cause an imbalance in the entire mouth structure, making it difficult to chew or bite. You may benefit from a dental procedure that can put an end to the problems brought on by a missing tooth. At Keele & Sheppard Dentistry, we provide dental implant treatments, consisting of natural-looking, artificial teeth that can replace the gap of a missing tooth. A dental implant is generally made of a titanium anchor that is firmly attached in the jawbone, accompanied by an abutment overhead.

Once the abutment is attached to the healed anchor, a dental crown is attached over the abutment, which finalizes the procedure with a natural colour and texture. Dental implants also replace the roots of teeth and do not require additional strength from surrounding teeth to function appropriately.