BackBonded Fillings

Cavities decrease the amount of teeth-protecting enamel, which can cause teeth to either break or cause tooth pain.

Broken and chipped teeth attract germs and diseases, affecting your overall level of oral health. In order to prevent further damage to your teeth, bonded fillings may be used to safely and effectively fill the cavities in.

Bonded fillings are composite restorations, effectively used to put an end to decay within a dental cavity. They may also be used in other dental procedures such as a root canal treatment that result in an injured tooth that requires filling.

At Keele & Sheppard Dentistry, we will begin treating a cavity by examining and cleaning the accumulated plaque and tartar from the affected area, as the fillings require a clean surface to create a bond with the enamel. After the composite is applied, it is hardened to keep the fillings intact, providing sustainable results. The materials used in this treatment are flexible enough to accurately shape and structure any tooth into an aesthetically pleasing and natural looking end-result.